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Happiness is a choice - Abe Lincoln
Stressed is desserts spelled backwards - Anon
Love is the greatest healer of all - Dr Effie Chow, Qigong Grandmaster

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Hello. I'm Dr Linda Nadia. One of our passions is sharing the everyday miracles of QiGong, along with proven integrative energy medicine tools, to better lives - especially of those we love, care about, & care for, from all walks of life.

Our dream, is that one breath at a time, we somehow, together, find ways of bringing a bit more more peace, freedom, justice, mercy, ease, abundance, joy, love, & more, to those who come into our lives - one life, one child, one family, one challenge at a time, for the greater good of ALL.

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Blessings, Thanks, & Happy Qi - Dr Hole MD                          

MAHALO for your interest & patience, as we update this website.

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Dr Linda Nadia Hole MD is a pioneer in bridging Qigong, Oriental, Western, & Energy Medicine. With degrees from Princeton, Duke, U of Spiritual Healing & Sufism, & Oneness Universities, she has served on numerous faculties, including the World Congress on QiGong, American Holistic Medical Association, & American Academy of Pain Management.

She's also served as consulting editor for Chinese Medical QiGong, contributing author for complementary medicine textbooks, & co-founder of the Free Distance Healing Qi Project, & as a physician for an international fast for nuclear disarmament.

Besides dancing, dolphins, prayer, healing in the way of Love, & the practical science of “miracles,” Dr Hole’s passion is bringing a more Qi centered, spiritually uplifting approach to medicine, families, communities, & business.

Nadia Linda Hole MD

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