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Freedom from  PAIN:
Body & More 

I lived with a very painful shoulder injury for over 20 years, … from high school football. 
I came to Dr Linda with this problem & she treated me ONE time with acupuncture. That was 10 years ago My shoulder has been absolutely pain free ever since. Thank you  - Ray Cooley

I’ve had chronic back pain for 15 years. In the time I’ve been with Dr Linda, my pain is nearly gone, & I’m going back to work. I haven’t worked in 15 years! I love her. – Patty S

For years, I suffered constant back pain from degenerative disc disease. With one QiGong class & a two minute treatment with Dr Linda, I am pain free. Shawn C, para-legal

Phenomenal – I had just given a performance before someone whom I knew would be a turning point in my career, & had throat pain. Dr Linda “saw” my heart, my heartache with my father, my fears & tears. In moments, with her touch, my pain was gone. -   Lila, recording artist

Freedom from PAIN: 
Heart Mind Spirit

I feel all warm inside, just knowing how fortunate I am to have you as my doctor. When I saw you, I mentioned only my physical symptom, & none of the emotional anguish that I had been unable to resolve. You however felt the pain in my heart - I no longer have the shattered broken heart, nor the physical symptom… Thank you for your love, kindness, & compassion, & for helping so many people.  I thank God daily for your presence in my life. - Diane Johnson, RN

At last I am a person who can feel emotions! – You are a very powerful reason, for my now feeling compassion & love for others & myself. Thank you for loving & having faith in me as a human being. - Yvonne F

Dr Linda heals from the heart – the “miracles” are near magic. The love & work Dr Linda so freely shares, is a must for anyone committed to healing.”  - Chris H.  RN Midwife

Beyond Hope - Paralysis, Fibromyalgia, Cancer

I had 21 years of facial paralysis. In one healing session with Dr Linda, not only did I get to revisit & release ancient wounds -  I  also got my smile back!  Thank you.  – Aleiah, Colorado

I’ve suffered for years from fibromyalgia, with chronic neck & hip pain. With Dr Linda’s single several minute treatment, I woke up the next morning, & ALL my pain was gone, & I’ve been pain free ever since. I’m absolutely thrilled. Sandy

Several months ago, I had inoperable liver cancer, with15 metastasis. With the help of Dr Linda & her team, my CT scan became clear. Moreover their support & care gave great peace & comfort to my soul. Julius P, school principal & Sunday school teacher

 Addictions & Back to Life

 I Rodney since being a patient of Dr Linda’s have seen such a big difference in myself, physically & mentally. This is my 7th month of being clean off opiates. This practice here of Dr Linda’s does wonders, if you take it to heart, you can stay clean. Inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, NA/AA meetings, all the 12 steps, Big Book even the Bible, have not given me as much peace & serenity as this method of healing. With Sincere Love & Thanks - Rodney H

I would like to thank Dr Linda for what she has done for my friend & myself. We have been free of drugs & feel better about life itself. Her waterfall & breathing & prayers really help. I have been clean for almost 2 years now, & want to thank her & her staff for everything.  - AJ

I Tammy have been a patient of Dr Linda for 2 years, & she has helped get my life & me back in order. She has helped me get off of heroin & stay off. At times I have gotten mad at her because she took me off my meds, but now that I’m off of them, I’m much happier. She is my angel. Thank you. - Tammy A

With Dr Hole’s help, I’ve been clean & sober for months. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to stay clean. - Vera

Dr Linda has helped me through the hardest time of my life. I was on heroin for 9 years, & she got me off, & I love her for it. - Ron

My name is Greg. Thanks to Dr Linda, my life is back on track. - Greg.

Thanks for all your help. 
Thanks for saving my life, many times over. If it wasn’t for you, I’m not sure where I’d be. God Bless You. – Dave.

Relationships, Soul, & Life Transformation

 Dr Linda had a profound affect in my life. In a single session, she opened my heart to heal from the long time wounds of sexual abuse. I became free of all the shame & pain from the past, & now have a whole new intimate relationship with my husband. The greatest gift in all of is that I was able to FORGIVE the person who sexually abused me. Thank you Dr Linda for being such an angel of transformation in my life. I love you  - Sandra RN

 I want to share something that happened. My husband & I have been crossing very rocky terrain for quite some time. This summer has been a time of transition with all the grief it brings. I was in a real low point, writing in my journal, & asking many questions of myself, when suddenly out of the blue your image & being appeared to me with these words, “Grace, depth, & measured rhythm.” My state was changed in an instant to one of knowing & peace. And so dear one, Thank you. You are truly a channel for the Divine.  Rahima, teacher

 Dr Linda has helped me make remarkable changes in my life… About 9 years ago, as a fellow in Critical care Medicine in Pediatrics at Duke University Medical Center, I developed an autoimmune condition (with severe bouts usually lasting for months) – When it recurred this summer, I broke out into tears & started telling my husband of 3 months how terrible things were going to be. I couldn’t sleep because of the symptoms…My doctors started me on medications, then doubled the doses, then tripled the doses. I was also on Zantac & Singular. None of these were working, so next they started the steroids. They worked for a few days, but then the symptoms just started getting worse again. So about a month into it, my business partner, a Pediatrician, head of ICN neonatology, recommended that I see Dr Linda, who practices medicine a little differently than we do.…Dr Linda asked if she could pray with us. Within 2 days my symptoms were completely gone! Since then I have successfully weaned off most of my meds. -- & the symptoms have not recurred.  - Now I have been able to see this illness as a blessing in disguise - My body was manifesting the pains of my spiritual life - During the healing session, Dr Linda’s prayer not only included a prayer for a miracle – She was to guide me to a place where I could actually feel compassion, love, & forgiveness - So not only was I healed of my physical ailments ,I had this incredible life changing experience. Thank you. Cecelia Frye MD, ICN Neonatologist Pediatrician

Body Heart & Soul

I’ve never encountered anyone who understood me so well. She is a healing rain that waters the people.

I thank God for her. -  Melissa H

I feel blessed by my work with Dr Linda & her depth of awareness. Dr Linda has the unique gift of helping us look at being stuck where we think we are, & encouraging our movement toward the truth of being right here right now - Share Joy

Dr Linda is the most perceptive, compassionate doctor I’ve ever met.
She looks right into a person eyes, & sees beyond that to their soul. - Angela

Awakening Qi, QiGong Classes, Workshops, & Retreats

 This letter is to acknowledge the great physical, mental, & spiritual, or in other words, Transformational, value I have experienced over the last 6 months attending Dr Linda’s QiGong class. I especially appreciate her guided meditation & running of energy, which is as powerful as anything I have ever experienced personally.  These tools have been remarkable in their ability to help me in dealing with old & habitual patterns of anger & sadness. For anyone seeking out new ways of taking charge of their own health & lives as well, the value is transformational. - Ted H, filmmaker

Dr Linda’s QiGong class is fantastic. It helped me bring & experience the light & love of God into my body, into movement, which released tension & emotion, & replaced it with greater peace. It helped me bring & experience God into the imagery of my mind, into my breath, & the feeling of being connected to other classmates.  It was a fabulously helpful antidote to just sitting in prayer. It helped me get out of my mind & embody my prayers. Thanks you. - Ahmed Levine

I love the class. It has helped me quite a lot in opening my energy & being more willing to surrender to God…Helped my get through a huge load of stuff.  - Raphael M, DC

I am so grateful to discover this class. It’s inspirational.  I was sleeping very badly & came to the classes exhausted –The class transformed my energy & let me enter the day anew. Thank you so much. Rabia J, author & artist

The class was of great value for me. – The way Nadia Dr Linda incorporates Sufi teachings in her class is remarkable. This is the best QiGong class I’ve ever attended. - Christine H, therapist

Your class is of tremendous value to me. It made a huge difference in my day. Helped me to walk through pain & let it go, helped to ground me for the day. I felt deeply anchored. It gave me more strength & confidence, helped me to be more relaxed, centered, & open. - Since the day I met you, I’ve felt like you are one of my angels on earth – helping me, encouraging me, & supporting me. Thank you for your guidance, love, & being that you are. I’d recommend this class to everyone. - Salima S, teacher

I suffered for years from chronic fatigue & pain.  With Qigong, I now have abundant energy, feel constant peace & joy…& am pain free”  - Esther Marie RN

I have fibromyalgia. With QiGong, I’m pain free” Debbe B, NHP

For year I suffered constant chronic back pain from degenerative disc disease. With one QiGong class & a two minute treatment with Dr Linda, I am pain free. Shawn C, law professional

Divine Names Dial a Blesssing Tele-Calls

I want to say how much I appreciate this call – how much I enjoy experiencing "you," the joy & light that you radiate, & how much I appreciate your call. The blessed space you hold for this call is so nourishing - helps me relax & open into a deeper relationship with the Divine. Thank you especially for the practical ways you offer, to help us continue this journey throughout our day. Such a wonderful way to begin the day!  In Love & Grace, Linda, California

Thank you …I love starting my day with the focus of connecting to the Divine in the group energy. Each morning I cry & celebrate because you have touched my heart so deeply.  This call is helping me shift how I live each moment. What a wonderful way to start the day –  In Gratitude & Love – Aleiah Colorado

This call really helps me connect to Source. Thank you.  PJ - California

There was so much energy on the call… My body felt so light, that for nearly 2 hours afterwards,  I had to lay down. The energy was so powerful -  I went into a very high state just feeling the oneness & bliss of the universe. Oh my God! I feel so healed, so blessed! Thank you. Satvritji New York

I love this call. Every day, I so look forward to this call, & always learn something. I feel the energy of such great love on this call – so much love! Being on the call is calming & uplifting - opens my heart to such  peace & happiness. By the end of the call, I just want to open my arms & shout, “YES ! YES! YES!” Thank you. Caroline, Virginia 


I would love to know more about what you do and the beautiful way you heal.  I have never experienced anything so profound in all my over 20 years of working in this field... I feel sooooo much better and the funny thing is that I didn't realize how much I needed the gift of your session until after it was over.  I feel ten years younger.  Love Regina, Author, Therapist, & Healer

Dr Hole is a tireless champion for the integration of mind & body & for helping people to achieve their maximum potential. She has touched many lives with her kind heart, bright mind, & gift of teaching. Dr Hole has taught QiGong at our AAPM Annual Clinical meeting for many years. She is a very popular teacher who receives high marks from our attendees, & returns to teach at the Academy meeting each year by popular demand. Kathryn Weiner PhD, Director AAPM

As a researcher, it is often easy to think of placebo effects when the subject of non-traditional health care arrives. However, my 16-month old son certainly had no such expectations! Your treatment was both immediate & impressively curative. You have my respect & gratitude.  Eldon T. PhD Psychologist

Dr Linda is passionate about healing. She has achieved credibility, not only as a MD, with traditional Western medical training, but also in spiritual healing, homeopathy, & acupuncture. Her patients clearly benefit by her multi-disciplinary approach - I highly recommend her as a holistic, spiritual healer. Cynthia Cylio MD

I searched for a physician who would listen to me, remember what I told her, & take into consideration all the factors – mental, spiritual, social, & physical – that affected my well being.  I found that Dr Linda not only listened – She taught me, prayed with me, loved me, & healed me. I have referred sisters of my community & other friends to her. All of us have benefited from her unique combination of skills: acupuncture & Chinese medicine are deftly combined with allopathic & homeopathic approaches, meditation, & prayer.  With sincere admiration –  Eileen C. SP MA, Provincial Mother Superior, Sacred Heart Hospital

"I would like to introduce a doctor, healer, & QiGong master... Dr Hole MD. I deeply appreciate & respect her. She has a special workshop..., which is sure to be a powerful experience... I highly recommend." Dr Zhi Gang Sha, PBS featured Qi Master of the Year, New York Times Best Selling Author

"Dr Hole, my student, friend, & associate, is a warm-hearted healer, ... & very inspiring to many people, helping them reach a higher consciousness. When you join her in Hawaii, ... I know you will have a time of your life - Effie Chow PhD,' Qigong Grand Master, member NIH OAM, & WHCCAM, & co-author of "Qigong Miracle Healing from China"

Dr Linda has clearly emerged as a local authority, as a practitioner of wholistic medicine, in our community, achieving that rare standing as an interface between “mainstream” & “alter-native” medicine.  I have also had the opportunity to interact on a large number of clinical cases with Dr Linda in my role as a cardiologist. There is no question that her patients truly cherish her. - Michael Ring MD, Past President Spokane County Medical Society

My friend is feeling so much better, thanks to your wise counsel. It makes me very happy when someone takes my advice & visits the best doctor in town. Your practice is the only way as far as I am concerned.  Sheri B, Mayor Spokane

Dolphin Qi Pilgrimages
Big Island Hawaii

Dr Linda & the Dolphin Pilgrimage changed my life. I felt safe, deeply held, & nurtured. Was a 10 PLUS PLUS PLUS, breakthrough, profound experience, which even now, years later, still keeps giving...My heart-to heart-, soul-to-soul Thanks.
Betty Butler PhD Hospice Thera-Harpist

The Dolphin Qi Pilgrimage was the most healing experience of my life. Swimming among the dolphins & feeling their loving energy beaming at me was a deeply profound healing experience. Words cannot express my gratitude. The Dolphin Pilgrimage was far more than just swimming with dolphins. It was a profound spiritual awakening to the Reality of God...I incidentally had a liver mass, am now cancer free. Dr Randall Nur MD

The Dolphin Qi Pilgrimage was the most magical, healing, & enriching experience my husband, Tom (an attorney) & I have had in 26 years. What made this trip so special, aside from swimming with sea turtles & dolphins, hiking in rain forests, & walking the newest earth on the planet, was the Love Dr Linda gave to each of us through a heart that invited us all to swim in the infinite ocean of the Love of God. Anina Arthur, Artist & Attorney

It was a magical adventure the best week of my life. Dr Linda provided a deep, tender, joyful, & sacred container for everyone to drink God's holy nectar. Every cell of my body sang. Denish Lozares, RN

It was an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL 10 PLUS. Gave me a greater sense of Peace, Joy, Happiness, Freedom, sense of connectedness to all life, all of creation, & experiencing my divine nature. I am now more in touch with me as a creator of my life, my experience, & operate more from conscious choice. Thank you. Debra Talor, DVM

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