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Freedom from Pain, & Awakening Qi

As a researcher, it is often easy to think of placebo effects… My 16 month old son certainly had no such expectations! Your treatment was both immediate & impressively curative.                     
Thank you - Dr  EldonTaylor PhD

Dr Linda helped me make remarkable changes in my life… Not only was I healed of my physical ailments, I had this incredible life changing experience. Thank you - Dr Cecelia MD

I've suffered for years from fibromyalgia, with chronic neck & hip pain. With Dr Linda's several minute treatment, when I woke up the next morning, ALL my pain was gone, & I've been pain free ever since! I am absolutely thrilled. - Sandy O.

WHAT IS Integrative Medicine, practiced with ALOHA?

Integrative Medicine incorporates the best of Western, Eastern, & Wholistic medicine; & science, to empower you, as a unique individual, towards Wholeness, Wellness, Happiness, & Success.  Integrative Medicine embraces the WHOLE person. Rather than just treating your symptoms, we look for root causes of your dis-ease.

We also invoke the life giving, life transforming, “miracle” making, energy of Aloha – the “HA” Breath of Life & unconditional Love, to help catalyze your healing process.

Integrative holistic medicine, as defined by the renowned Scripps Center, is based in the following principles:

  • Health is more than the absence of disease
  • A person is more than their symptoms  - Healing requires a whole person approach
  • Empowered patients make long term & lasting choices that support their healing & optimum health

Freedom from Pain:
Qi-KHT Koryo Hand Therapy
One of our favorite tools is Qi-KHT needle-less acupuncture. Pediatrician Roberto Jordokovsky MD, reported in the Journal of the AAMA, that in a series of over 100 of his pediatric subjects, that 100% had significant pain relief with KHT. 

In our own practice, in a series of 359 consecutive patients, 349 reported significant pain relief. 


The Qi modalities we offer are documented to:


  o Reverse Aging & Paralysis
Increase Energy & Vitality, & DHEA
Relieve pain, Stress, Fatigue, anxiety, &              depression

o Lower High Blood Pressure & Cortisol;, 
Promote Recovery & Peak Performance  
Boost Immune & Sexual Function 

Plus Enhance 

Healing of Relationships, Communication, 
Mental Clarity & Focus, 
Emotional Balance, 

        Sexual Energy, & Creativity


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Dare to Love,
Dolphin Qi Pilgrimage

  • Snorkel the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, in the waters of wild dolphins
  • Experience the healing beyond words of sacred sites & vortexes
  • Discover the life transforming power of Ho'oponopono forgiveness & gratitude, healing yourself & others with Love
  • Taste the possibility of living heaven on earth