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    I searched for a physician who would listen to me, remember what I told her, & take into consideration all the factors,…Mental, Spiritual, Social, & Physical, that affected my well being…Dr Linda not only listened – She taught me, prayed with me, loved me, & healed me...With sincere admiration - 
   Sister Eileen, Provincial Mother Superior, Sacred Heart Medical Center 

From the Doc,  
Nourishing Life e-magazine,

Holy Shift
How are these times, honestly, for You? Your clients?  Your loved ones?   Anyone  feeling a bit unsettled? Disoriented? Noticing that what used to work, somehow is no longer working..Dr. Hole shares some basic Qi tools, incorporated into her medical practice, that simply work.

Joyeaux Noel & The 5 Elements
With all that’s happening, seen & unseen, geophysical, social-political, financial, psycho-spiritual – How’s this inescapable, undeniable, Shift for you? .. Thank heaven; the Five Elements are a tried and true map! Patients, once their pain is relieved, often become curious regarding life changing messages the Five Elements may have for them.

Heart Qi, Some Clinical Vignettes
 Body Mind Spirit … Heart!  “The root of all disease is in the mind, in the emotions”  No matter what symptoms your clients present – What’s the root source? What’s their Heart of Hearts truly asking for?”

Yin Yang of Solar Flares, Heaven on Earth & Other Changes, http://yang-sheng.com/?p=7047

Dr Hole reports on the influence of solar flares ... Seeing a link between the increase in flare activity, our thoughts & emotions, she encourages us to allow change & SHIFT to take place. 

Real Food is Good Medicine

http://yang-sheng.com/?p=8201                            From the wisdom passed on through generations, Dr Hole shares her insight on why eating food from the Earth is so important. What is Real Food, & how is our health improved by our food choices?  The answer is within... 

Happy Qi!
Dr Hole reminds us that happiness is a choice we make for ourselves, &  offers seven proven methods to feeling happier

Birthing Aloha, Back To Now
http://yang-sheng.com/?p=8901                               A delightful play of words to remind us about the joy of life.  From the happiness of Aloha, Dr. Hole lifts us into Hawaiian celebration of life, and celebration of Spring ...

Remembrance:                                                         Give Us this Day our Daily Med                           

Dr Hole discusses the intentional breathing practice of “Remembrance,” & the spiritual fire & symbolism of Pele, destroyer &  creator!  

A "New" Love Story


An amusing and interesting look at what allows people to live long lives. It's not just diet and exercise, a lot of it has to do with love!

Meet Dr Linda Nadia Hole MD


YouTube: Nadia AlohaMD

About Dr Linda:
Linda is a graduate of Duke, Princeton, & Oneness Universities, & has served on 

Faculties of  American Academy of Pain Managment (Education Committee), American Holistic Medical Association (HARPS rep), Gonzaga Integrative Medicine Seminars, Physicians for Peace, TCM College of Hawaii, & World Congress on QiGong. 

 include chapters for: Alternative & Comple-mentary Treatment in Neurologic Illness, Weintraub MD et al; Cardiac Illness - Integrative Treatment & Prevention, Micozzi MD et al; Pain Management. A Practical Guide for Clinicians, Weiner PhD et al; Guide - FireWalk & the Mystery of Healing

Post Graduate Integrative
training includes certification programs of:  East West Academy of Healing Arts, China Healthways Institute, Avalon Institute, Jaffe Institute, KHT Teacher’s Training, Mastering Alchemy, Lightworkers, & Celebrating Life.

 Dr Linda is like a hummingbird. 
                     Wherever she lands, 
she heals.- Olive S