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Freedom from Pain, & Awakening Qi

Dr Hole is a tireless champion for the integration of mind & body & for helping people to achieve their maximum potential. She has touched many lives with her kind heart & gift of teaching... She is a very popular teacher who returns to teach each year by popular demand. - 
Kathryn Wiener PhD, Co-founder American Academy of Pain Management

For years I suffered constant chronic back pain from degenerative disc disease. With one QiGong class, & a two minute treatment, I’m pain free. Thank you – Shawna C

The Dolphin Qi Pilgrimage was the most healing experience of my life - Words cannot express my gratitude - I incidentally had a liver mass, am now cancer free, & am making this - a regular part of my self-care routine.
Dr R Nur MD 

Want to be healthy & live to be 100?
            Do QiGong - Dr Oz
Made a profound difference in my life - Max 

Physical, mental, spiritual
as powerful as anything I have ever experienced.
Thank you - Ted H

I came to class exhausted. 
The class transformed my energy &
let me enter my day anew.
Thank you!  - Rabia, England

Made a huge difference in my day. Helped me walk through pain & let it go -gave me strength &  
                 confidence..., helped me be more relaxed,
centered, & open. 
                                             Thank you – Salima 

Best QiGong class I've ever attended.
                             Christine H, therapist

Helped me experience the light & love of God in my body...& replaced tension & emotion
with greater peace
                            Thank you - A Levine

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